Reader ‘s opinion Outdoor sports venues should be taken care of so that the enthusiasm of the townspeople to move does not fade

Cities could, among other things, add avant-garde swimming points, invest in outdoor sports facilities and improve public transport to national parks.

Socio-economic there are large health inequalities between population groups. One concrete way to curb these differences in a cost-effective way would be to invest more in outdoor sports opportunities.

During the Crown Year, the popularity of outdoor activities has grown, and with good investments, enthusiasm can be maintained in the future. Here are a couple of tips for cities.

Add open-air swimming points open to all. Winter swimming is a hobby for people of all ages and fitness levels. There are a lot of seniors involved and people with joint problems, for example. Many seek help from winter swimming for mental well-being and quality of sleep. This winter, for example, the Tuorinniemi plain was visited at its best by 50 people a day, only members of the club, and the capacity of the swimming area was at its extreme.

Remove shaky jerks from adult fitness points and install durable equipment instead. For example, at the Roihuvuori fitness point you can compare good yellow-black equipment and worse pimples.

Improve public transport to national parks. Already in the early spring, the situation has been unsustainable in small car parks.

Give up the lease of land by private sports operators in city parks for spring and summer as a counterbalance to the fact that the Regional State Administrative Agency ordered the gyms to close.

Operators could thus organize exercise sessions outdoors when the interior is forced to close. Now, prices are quite high, even when operators in the sector are already in trouble because of interest rate caps.

Hanna Kosonen

University teacher, Helsinki

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