Reader ‘s opinion Outdoor advertising should not be abandoned, as it brings revenue to Helsinki

Matti Remes suggested that Helsinki give up outdoor advertising altogether (HS Opinion 17.4.). The idea of ​​an ad-free cityscape may sound good, but I can’t support the proposal.

In his writing, Remeskin also referred to Singapore, Chicago, London and New York and their outdoor advertising world. Big cities are hard to imagine without Illuminated Ads and big advertising sheets. In Helsinki, outdoor advertising cannot be said to have been released in any way. On the contrary, the places have been carefully thought out and instructed.

It is good to remember that Helsinki’s acclaimed city bike system, for example, would be considerably more expensive without advertising revenue. The removal of outdoor advertising would fall a long bill for Helsinki taxpayers. At worst, it would also show up as deteriorating services.

Laura Rissanen

Chairman of HKL’s Executive Board, Member of the Urban Environment Committee (Kok), Helsinki

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