Reader ‘s opinion Neuropsychological rehabilitation of children is in great distress

The most favorable years for neuropsychological rehabilitation would be for my child right now, but he is waiting in line because there are no neuropsychologists at all.

My children has been in the queue for neuropsychological individual rehabilitation for over a year and a half. More specifically, waiting to even get in line. Now he is in line and has no idea when rehabilitation will begin.

The situation is starting to be unbearable, and we parents have taken great responsibility for supporting the child during this time. The queues are long, and there are no neuropsychologists at all.

The child has a neuropsychiatric diagnosis. She has great cognitive skills and competencies but difficult problems with social interaction. His daily life is therefore very limited.

The most favorable years for neuropsychological rehabilitation would be right now to make the child as able to work as possible in the future. As a parent, I wonder what his future will be if another year and a half goes in line.

The training of neuropsychologists should be really increased a lot so that the current need can be met even in ten years’ time, so as. The cost of this suffering, too, is at the level of the individual but also of society as a whole as these children grow into adults. If many children are left without help given in time, how can we expect them to survive in society later?

A mother who supports her child

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