Reader ‘s opinion My mentally ill father received good service from the City of Helsinki

City staff took care of the matter quickly and listened to our wishes.

I want to thanks the City of Helsinki’s senior services for the services received by our father with a memory condition. As our father’s memory disorder progressed very quickly, the city’s memory coordinator heard our concerns, was easily accessible, and took care of our affairs kindly and smoothly. When our father’s situation clearly worsened, he was referred to Kustaankartano for the crisis department and from there for rehabilitation. The process was smooth, the ward staff were friendly and told us about his situation.

He spent more than a month in the wards. During this time, we pondered how the sequel would be organized. However, we were informed that the situation was clear: he would move to a 24-hour care unit. We were told that the place would probably have to wait three months, during which time he would be at Kustaankartano. We were surprised when, after a few weeks, a place was found for him – even in the unit where we had hoped for a place for him. The decision-maker handled the matter quickly and listened to our wishes.

For us, this process has been a surprise. Based on the media writing, we could not have imagined that the City of Helsinki’s senior services would work so smoothly. At the same time, the process was difficult for us, but also a great relief, for which we would like to thank the employees of the City of Helsinki.

Demented daughter

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