Reader ‘s opinion More general practitioners will be added to primary care

It is unreasonable that in many places, the primary health care of the most vulnerable people rests with newly graduated young doctors.

Medical Dr. Pirkko Vihko pointed out in his article (HS Opinion 8.6.) essential state of primary health care that endangers patient safety. The degree of specialist in general medicine should, as a reasonable transition period, be made a condition for at least half of the permanent posts in health centers.

General medical specialist training provides precisely the skills that are most relevant to the planned SOTE reform: it brings competence to care coordination and work management and development skills.

It is unreasonable that the primary health care of the multi-sick, those outside occupational health services and many other most vulnerable people is dependent on newly graduated young doctors in many places. Most of them complete the compulsory nine-month part of their specialization training in other fields at health centers and leave after completing the training.

When permanent employment is becoming less common, there is no continuity of care for patients. Continuity of care has been found in several international studies to significantly improve the quality of care and patient and job satisfaction. The importance of continuity of treatment is emphasized especially in the treatment of mental illnesses and long-term illnesses affecting the quality of life, as well as in the investigation of new symptoms.

The good quality of primary health care operations also means more appropriate use of specialist care services and thus more controlled cost development.

Primary health care needs general practitioners who are long-term committed to patient work, motivated by job development and the guidance of young doctors. Increasing enrollment rates in basic medical education will not achieve this goal.

By investing The working conditions of primary health care and the number of doctors, nurses and support staff from Finnish primary health care provide a cornerstone of the entire health care. Without it, special medical care measures and special treatments will also lose their significance for public health.

The concept of primary care word basic not in English basic. Its correct translation is the basis foundation. The foundations of Finnish healthcare must be repaired.

Antti J. Saari

doctor of medicine,

General Practitioner, Kaustinen

Tuire Saloranta

General Practitioner, Espoo

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