Reader ‘s opinion More effective communication would help to develop the operations of health centers

It is often difficult for a patient to be content with the help of a professional other than a doctor, even if it helps to better address the root causes of health problems.

How could secure rapid treatment access to health centers? When is treatment properly targeted and long-lasting?

In Helsingin Sanomat (22.2.) presented model, where the patient ‘s case is initially assessed in a multidisciplinary team and then referred to the best specialist, would be an effective and high – quality way to streamline access to treatment.

Often, however, there is a discrepancy between the patient’s wishes and such treatment guidance. The patient thinks of the old habit that the doctor is the only real expert. It seems difficult to be content with the help of another professional, even if it would help to better address the root causes of health problems.

There is a need for more research and information that the most effective and best help is to meet a nurse, physiotherapist, social worker or mental health professional. Otherwise, it may be difficult for citizens to accept this model of care guidance.

Liisamari Krüger

specialist in physiotherapy, chief physician


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