Reader ‘s opinion Lonely people are intervening

Inequitable factors apply to all single people.

In Finland is about 1.2 million single people. Almost half of Helsinki’s housing units are single people. There are both young students and elderly widows. Living alone can be a transient stage in life, but often it is not. 25 years ago, 28 per cent of single-person households were now, and now 44 per cent.

More than 70% of recipients of income support are single people. Living alone does not always mean a low standard of living. However, unequal factors apply to all single people. Discrimination is reflected, among other things, in the pricing of products and services, not to mention the cost of housing.

Coronation-era rhetoric and recommendations about contact with loved ones and family, as well as the consequences of crisis and aftercare, are largely based on traditional relationship- and core-family-centered thinking. Different interpersonal hierarchies have emerged as a result of this crisis.

Relationships are different. Nowadays, relatives can also be non-relatives.

My family lives 300 miles away, but my other family, my circle of friends, lives nearby and is a close part of my daily life and life. I think family can also be a choice. This is how it should be seen and allow the person to choose for himself the support network that society accepts in all situations.

It must be acknowledged that traditional nuclear family thinking does not treat people fairly. On the other hand, we should also consider how to support single-parent families and better enable parenting and starting a family, even for those who do not have a life partner. I don’t want confrontation, just identifying and acknowledging the facts.

Loneliness is a widespread, social phenomenon. The issues, structures, and mechanisms of society that come with it must finally be taken seriously!

Anita Hellman

single, Herttoniemi, Helsinki

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