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Rauni Mollberg and Mikko Niskanen often represented completely different practical procedures than Konstantin Stanislavski.

On the cultural pages (HS 15.3) was written about the director Rauni Mollberg Dinosaurdocumentary. In the story, a strong reference to the Russian theater theorist Konstantin Stanislavsky mocked. The context might give a false impression that he had some connection to the subjugation of actors.

The focus of the story was on two film directors who once studied at the Theater School, the predecessor of the Theater Academy. Its rector was Wilho Ilmari, who was mentioned twice in Veikko Aaltonen’s documentary. Like Eino Kalima, Ilmari was one of Stanislavski’s Finnish students. Both Rauni Mollberg and Mikko Niskanen were Ilmar’s students at a young age.

The absolute authoritarianism and downright cruel subjugation that was told in the story, however, was completely foreign to Stanislavsky’s (1863–1938) activities. The “magical if” of a Russian master means something other than subjugating another person to power. “Magic if” means, in short, that actors have to act as if the events they present are true. Mollberg and Niskanen often represented completely different practical procedures than Stanislavski.

Finnish readers have a good opportunity to get acquainted with Stanislavski’s theories and practice for as many as four translations. The latest and most extensive Finnish translation gives a great overall picture The actor’s work, which appeared exactly ten years ago.

Jouko Grönholm


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