Reader ‘s opinion It is time to update teachers’ working time and pay systems

Today, about half of a teacher’s job is other than teaching.

Inkeri Sutela wrote (HS Opinion 13.4.) increasing the workload and workload of teachers. As he pointed out in his writing, the problem has become that the teacher does not have a defined working time but the salary is formed on the basis of the teaching hours held.

Today, however, about half of a teacher’s job is other than teaching. The amount of this other job has grown steadily, and job demarcation is challenging because of the current pay system from the 1960s.

In his writing, Sutela presented two possible solutions to the problem. During the last three years, an annual work time trial has been underway in some primary schools across Finland, which has enabled the solution options presented by Sutela. In the experiment, the teacher’s annual working time has been defined, and within this working time it has been possible to divide the working time appropriately between teaching and other work.

In this way, all the work done has formed the basis of the salary. At the same time, it has been possible to prioritize work tasks sensibly, so that working hours have remained as planned.

The purpose of the primary school annual working time experiment has been to develop a more efficient and fair working time and pay system for all groups of primary school teachers.

Concrete evidence has already been obtained from the ongoing annual working time experiment, on the basis of which the teachers ‘working time and remuneration system can be developed to match the teachers’ current job description and workload in accordance with the OAJ’s goals.

Unfortunately, in Helsinki, the local teachers’ union has blocked the continuation of the experiment, contrary to the will of the pilot school teachers and a strong view of the importance of development work. In Vantaa, the local teachers’ union has seen the importance of the matter differently.

The number of tasks and workload for primary school teachers will not decrease with the current hourly pay system. Only through active and determined work for change can teachers have a fair system of working time and pay.

Kirsi-Maria Korhonen

Class teacher

Kirsi-Maria Ruusu

class teacher, special needs teacher

Marja-Leena Hakuni

craft teacher


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