Reader ‘s opinion It is important to get enough information about the military service

Women in particular need to be better informed about national defense and opportunities to participate in defense.

With the Defense Forces can afford to develop its own recruitment communications for the whole age group, but better information on national defense and opportunities for participation in the defense needs to be provided, especially for women. The number of women applying for voluntary military service in Finland has increased in recent years. The trend has been desirable, and now women considering conscription have a lower threshold to apply for service than they have in previous years.

Women interested in military service must be given truthful information about completing the various stages of service. Everyone should understand the social significance and role of the Defense Forces. At the same time, however, the Defense Forces must also make clear the obligations shown by the service and not look like military service as an overly romanticized or rosy adventure. Offering adventures is not the task of the Finnish Defense Forces.

It is desirable for the Defense Forces and conscripts that everyone be able to say before entering the service whether or not military service is their own business. This would avoid a situation where insufficiently prepared recruits enter the service. This applies to men performing military service as well as to women seeking voluntary service. It is not possible to prepare for everything, but for example, a certain kind of physical performance should be in place before entering the service.

Women have the same opportunities as men to perform military service and participate in the tasks of the Defense Forces. A person applying for military service voluntarily must consider the matter in principle in terms of whether he or she is willing and able to defend Finland armed himself or herself if necessary. In addition to physical and mental ability, military service also requires post-service commitment, as the duty continues in the reserve after the period of service.

The core of the development of the Finnish conscription system is to increase interaction and lower the threshold for interactive communication. Communication and information for conscripts needs to be stepped up at the stages where support is most needed – ie in connection with calls and preparations for military service, and during the reserve period in terms of responsibilities.

At the same time, the utilization of the skills acquired in the service must be developed. Military service accumulates a lot of skills suitable for different fields, but with the current personnel assessment based on a certificate of service, it is difficult to show the level of competence to educational institutions.

In order to keep up with the current trend and increase the number of women who have completed military service, service must prove to be a genuine option for women. As an option that can offer a wide range of capabilities also for working life. For women considering military service, the skills acquired in the service are particularly important, as the concrete benefits of the service influence the decision to go on military service.

Tuula Väätäinen

Member of Parliament (sd), Kuopio

Marikki Jukarainen

reserve lieutenant, Turku

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