Reader ‘s opinion It is also worth celebrating the start of school at home

Wednesday is an important day for teaching in Finnish in the Helsinki metropolitan area. School starts! I remember like yesterday when I stepped into the school yard as a first grader. Sweaty little hand in mother’s hand. It was a holiday.

Why do we just celebrate the end of school in the spring? Starting school is a privilege and a day worth celebrating for us.

Indeed, many countries celebrate the start of school: Children are better dressed in everyday clothes for the first day of school, and teachers may be given flowers or even an apple. In Finland, the Welcome to School celebration moment is celebrated this week in many schools, but Wednesday is also celebrated at home!

Starting school is the foundation of a civilized state whose importance we can communicate to children by celebrating this day. Each family can celebrate in their own way. The celebration is easily accomplished at home if mom and dad craft small greeting cards, set the table beautifully, and serve the children’s delights. The party moment doesn’t require a new phone, but a small school starter gift, even a new sharpener, can delight a schoolboy’s mind.

Laila Haglind

special teacher, Helsinki

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