Reader ‘s opinion Instead of intimidation, positive climate messages are needed

Climate action should not be talked about through misery, as it works the opposite. They help build a more sustainable life.

Helsingin sanomat newspaper news (10.7.) on the basis of a survey commissioned by them on the attitudes of Finns towards climate change. According to the story, the fight against climate change divides Finns into two camps. According to the survey, almost half of Finns seem to be reluctant to take the necessary climate action. This can happen when some decision-makers intimidate climate action leading to the misery of life.

Climate action does not miserate life – quite the contrary. Climate action is improvements and steps towards a cleaner and more sustainable life and society. A framework in which climate action is painted through abandonment and misery is dangerous.

Instead of intimidation, we need simple, positive and, above all, social narratives that get people to take action. Climate action must be seen as things that improve everyday life, creating relevance and community.

The media should also be looked in the mirror. In his poll, HS asked if people were willing to “compromise on their own standard of living because of climate change”. Of course, a large part replied that it is not.

It goes without mentioning that Finland’s climate emissions have decreased by 44 per cent since the peak in 2003. How has this weakened the living standards of Finns?

I decided myself some time ago that I would never say again that I had given up something after reducing my climate emissions. Instead, I’ll tell you how much better I’ve gotten in place of the old polluting lifestyle.

In their next poll, Helsingin Sanomat could ask whether Finns are ready to create a better, more sustainable quality of life within the planet’s borders due to the climate crisis.

Niklas Kaskeala

Vice Chairman, Protect Our Winters Finland ry

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