Reader ‘s opinion I was vaccinated with Astra Zeneca even if I didn’t want to

The vaccination was carried out so quickly that I did not have time to react.

Pseudonym The nurse wrote (HS Opinion 17.4.)that he was shocked at the behavior he had encountered when vaccinating clients with Astra Zeneca. I, on the other hand, was shocked at how we are secretly being forced to vaccinate us aged 65-69 with that vaccine.

One hour outside the Ratina mass vaccination point in Tampere had to be queued due to poor scheduling. Inside, there was a tense and circus-like mood at the customer checkpoint. A yellow sticker was punched on my reel card. When I asked what it meant, I was told it was for a vaccineer. No further answer was given.

Then came the fast-paced export to the vaccination point, where an indignant nurse rebuked me for not exposing my shoulder in advance. I was just asked if there are any allergies. The spike was already on his shoulder before I had time to ask what vaccine it is. The answer was Astra Zenenca. I cursed the nurse that you understood what you were doing.

I had decided for a number of reasons not to take Astra Zeneca, but to leave if that is the only option. Now this opportunity was not given to me, but the vaccination was carried out so quickly that I did not have time to react.

Measures require informed consent. The person to be vaccinated should be told what vaccine is available and make sure they are willing to take it. For me, this did not happen.

Even the person to be vaccinated has rights

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