Reader ‘s opinion I was discharged from the maternity hospital without a baby, as there had to be enough beds for the new fathers in the family rooms

In times of congestion, the hospital should prioritize the well-being of nursing mothers and send fathers home first.

I gave birth my fourth child a month ago at Espoo Hospital. Because the child was born prematurely, she needed care in the neonatal ward the next few days and could not reach me in the outpatient ward.

Personally, I was in good health after giving birth, and I was discharged from the hospital because of the congestion in the ward of those who gave birth quickly. So I had to go home without a baby just after I was able to breastfeed her for the first time.

It was miserable to go home without a baby I would have liked to be breastfeeding. What made the situation special was that at the same time the ward seemed to have space for fresh fathers in the family rooms.

I would like to remind you that childbirth and breastfeeding are not events in which men and women are, in principle, equal. For biological reasons, childbirth and breastfeeding are situations in which the mother is blood and milk flowing in the midst of a greater change than the father. For this reason, I cannot understand why a breastfeeding mother is sent home from a maternity hospital without a baby at a time when there are enough beds for fresh fathers in family rooms.

I think the hospital should prioritize the well-being of mothers who have given birth and are breastfeeding and be the first to send fathers home. Man and woman are not on an equal footing in childbirth as long as men are not born and breastfeed.

Marjukka Ikonen


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