Reader ‘s opinion How long does our birdhouse last from isolation?

Strict travel restrictions have been justified by protecting the health of Finns.

Finland stricter travel restrictions than other EU countries have sparked a lively public debate in recent days. Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas vetoed To the Finnish Government, hoping for relief from the position of Estonians (HS 11.6.).

The rules that discriminate against Estonians in our brother nation are approved by the highest part of the state. The government has not been properly challenged to justify its policies that differ from the rest of Europe. In the discussion about travel restrictions, the “doesn’t affect me” thinking shines through. Those who suffer from confusing and ever-changing rules are to blame themselves for having chosen international life themselves.

Following the public debate and hearing about the cold treatment of other expatriate Finns in their home country, I wonder whether Finns are really such a fearful and self-centered people.

There are hundreds of thousands of Finns abroad. In addition, there are many in the world who have family ties to Finland. The labor force arriving in Finland from both Estonia and other EU countries is an important pillar of the economy. More than one hundred thousand Finns work in the tourism industry. Can they all blame themselves for the widespread and long-term restrictions on their fundamental rights?

Finland is at the top of many international comparisons – in education, happiness, security. Strict travel restrictions have been justified by protecting the health of Finns. Finland is also at the top of the world in pandemic statistics, and it must remain there, at all costs.

The saying goes that the top is lonely. How long will Lintukoto take if we isolate ourselves from the rest of the world, both financially and humanly? Would Finland have risen to its current position without the support of our neighbors in times of crisis? There are other threats in the world than the coronavirus.

Risk groups have been vaccinated. Who is the government protecting by pursuing a policy of isolation?

Emilia Berg

Diploma in Engineering, Switzerland

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