Reader ‘s opinion Helsinki is not allowed to evict Malmi’s weaving grandmothers

City officials should sit down to negotiate the rules of the Malmi overpass with its users.

The City of Helsinki has announced that it will intervene in the sale of the Malmi station on the overpass from the beginning of February. The reasons have been the inconvenience of cleaning, the professionalism of the operation and the narrowness of the space. As I move daily in the ore, I dare to disagree.

It is clear that any activity in the city always collects complaints, but it would be more important to find out the correct opinions of the people of Ore. Sales on the overpass are not a problem: the space is spacious and the people working in it know how to take into account the public nature of the space. No furniture has been brought into the space, but the goods are on the “window sills” on the edges of the overpass. The grandmothers also take great care that no one accidentally obstructs the use of the handrails.

Corona measures may justify a temporary ban, but that, too, seems an exaggeration. Grandma’s sales transactions do not gather people until congestion, and you can always move around the space quickly.

City officials should sit down to negotiate the rules of the flyover with its users. It is possible to restrict professional activities without preventing grandmothers from selling on a small scale or otherwise using the space. Rolling all this activity under strict rules would once again show that Helsinki does not really care to hear the opinions of its residents, but prefers to keep them quiet. Supporting entrepreneurship seems to remain the prerogative of only the largest companies.

Tiina Sandberg


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