Reader ‘s opinion Heka’s bicycle warehouses will be renewed in connection with renovations

The housing committees can notify Heka of the need to renovate bicycle storages.

Kirsi Marttinen wrote about the condition of the bicycle warehouses of Helsinki City Apartments Oy (Heka) (HS Opinion 4.6.).

Heka has about 500 sites of different ages, and the equipment and dimensioning of the wheel storages of the houses varies depending on, among other things, the site’s construction date and renovation situation. In older houses that have not yet been renovated or whose time has elapsed since the previous renovation, the bike storage facilities may not meet today’s expectations, as the popularity of cycling and the number of different ride-on games has increased significantly in recent years.

The bicycle warehouses in our houses will be renewed and their equipment level will be improved mainly in connection with renovations. In the next few years, we will renovate our houses for approximately EUR 170 million annually. At the end of last year, Heka had a total of almost 2,000 housing renovation projects underway. Warehouses can also be refurbished in connection with minor renovations. The housing committees can notify Heka of the need to renovate bicycle storages. The need for and timing of repairs will be considered when preparing a long-term repair plan.

If necessary, the Housing Committees, in cooperation with the Heka Regional Office, can arrange for the cleaning of the bicycle storage, where broken and abandoned wheels and scrap are removed from the bicycle storage.

Jaana Närö

Managing Director, Helsinki City Apartments Ltd (Heka)

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