Reader ‘s opinion Garbage bins should not be filled with air

Last in the summer, in my opinion paper, I asked the joyful picnic crowd of the parks to take the empty food and drink packages to sort out the household junk. Thus, the volume of the rubbish bins in the parks would be sufficient and the different materials would end up in the right places. This does not seem to have succeeded.

Traces of the wonderful weekend were visible around the rubbish bins as the birds had been looking for food in the crammed bins. Their contents were widespread along the grasses. The boxes and mugs are complete.

Would this be done by first trampling the packages flat on the ground before putting them in the trash. Then they take up less space. The city could put a sticker on the side of the bowls: Please flatten the packages. Please squash your packages, thank you.

Iiris Björnberg


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