Reader ‘s opinion Failure to carry out follow-up inspections can have long-term consequences for those who give birth

At worst, failure to follow up can lead to a negative childbirth experience and a variety of health challenges.

Current According to the practice, the Helsinki clinics do not arrange post-examinations for those who have given birth without a special reason. The situation has been justified by the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on access to doctors.

In Helsinki, however, you can apply for a follow-up examination at a private medical center on the same day. This contributes to verifying that the pandemic is not the real reason for the suspension of inspections. Helsinki has long been unable or unwilling to solve the challenge of medical examinations and thus take care of its residents.

Pregnancy and childbirth are huge upheavals for a woman’s body. After giving birth, many suffer from various ailments. However, the cultural baby bubble catalog does not contain much talk of urinary incontinence or painful surgical wounds. In general, women’s various intimate bodily ailments can be seen as taboos, which even women often feel ashamed of and remain silent about. Therefore, the threshold for seeking help for ailments – let alone demanding them – can be very high, even insurmountable.

At worst, failure to follow up can lead to a negative childbirth experience and a variety of protracted health challenges that can continue to be reflected in the lives of loved ones. Caring for a fresh mother also cares for the baby and supports an early mother-child interaction that is specifically bodily.

It seems strange that follow-up inspections are being neglected now that Finland has been concerned about both low birth rates and nausea among children and young people. In addition, there has been talk in public about maternity violence.

As a major public actor, the clinic should also be involved in dismantling the cultural contractions associated with a woman’s body by demonstrating through her own actions that the woman and her body and its pains are important and worthy of care.

Aada-Maria Tervonen

master of Social Sciences


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