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Event organizers rushed state support to their own industry, as did other sectors affected by interest rate restrictions. One of the reasons for urgency is that foreign performers may not be able to come to Finland next summer if orders are not placed soon. The state should support the organizers.

The music industry has major international event organizers with branches and partners here as well. The corona pandemic has severely disrupted this business. However, the Finnish state should not rush to help with this.

There are thousands of performers and groups in Finland who barely remember when they did their previous gig. These people have been interveners as workers and entrepreneurs when interest rate restrictions have been enacted. The state should hurry to support measures to get Finnish performers back on stage. Could it even be a condition for receiving support?

The support should aim to bring about a lot of small events around the country rather than a few industrial-scale mammoth gigs. It would be beneficial for Finnish performers, the public and event organizers.

Raimo Vikström


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