Reader ‘s opinion Digital support is the responsibility of the authorities

It is the responsibility of each authority to support users in using their own electronic services.

Joonas Rentola and Juha Viitanen from the Central Federation of Pensioners wrote (HS Opinion 16.11.) the role of volunteers as providers of digital support.

Society is digitalizing and so are public services. Support for the use of digital services and devices belongs to everyone. The current year has shown how important digital services are already in the daily lives of most. There is a clear need for digital support.

It is the responsibility of each authority to support users in using their own electronic services. In addition, the Citizens’ Advice Bureau of the Digital and Population Information Agency supports the use of public services through many channels. However, the foundations of digital skills cannot be provided at the same time.

In the development of digital skills, there are enough tasks for municipalities, organizations, projects, companies, authorities, libraries as well as volunteers and, above all, for the cooperation of these parties. In this way, responsibility and workload do not accumulate too much on one shoulder.

The Digital and Demographic Information Agency supports the operation of the national digital support network in a variety of ways, so that high-quality digital support is available throughout the country to all target groups. Interest in the development of digital skills is constantly growing. It is great that the digital support network includes a wide range of representatives from different organizations.

The role of digital services is to make our daily lives easier, not to make it more difficult. The goal is that everyone in Finland has equal opportunities to use digital services and, if necessary, to get help with transactions flexibly, at a time that suits them. These goals are also recorded in the government program.

Ensuring the diversity and accessibility of digital support requires cross-administrative cooperation. We encourage the use of electronic services, but public administration services will continue to be available face-to-face from common service points.

Mikko Mattinen

Digital and Population Information Agency

Marjukka Saarijärvi


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