Reader ‘s opinion Desk drawers are discriminated against

Good friends. As a desk drawer writer, I feel discriminated against because there is no room for us in the market. I don’t get my books public and it doesn’t get on the bookshop shelf.

What says the book is bad? The fact that it is at your own expense. It should come out by the book publisher. Well, why can’t it come out? Because books are offered in thousands and can only be published in small numbers. Because the book has no publisher, it’s bad, booksellers and readers conclude.

What should be done? Book publishers play a key role. Should there be a cost line designed to combat the problems of discriminated writers in society? Would a demonstration be held on the theme of “Culture must not be pure business”?

Yes, play as a game, but I would like a discussion on that.

Mirjam Efron


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