Reader ‘s opinion Adequate health services must be guaranteed for every Helsinki resident

Citizens value access to services and not who provides them.

In the public there is both a lack of access and a lack of skills in primary health care. The health and even the lives of the residents are at stake from time to time.

Helsinki has tackled the problems of social services by setting up giant social centers and centralizing services – albeit with little success.

Since its establishment, the Kalasatama Health and Welfare Center has been a long-term theme of the feedback channels of opinion departments. Services are not available and customers are dissatisfied. The staff has also voted on their feet. The coronavirus and the Apotti system have highlighted the problems, but they are only partial causes of the difficulties.

Sote services the colosses that offer it have been designated spa-like “wellness centers”. It seems to be an artificial word magic: naming a new way of working in an attractive way and hoping to help ensure that something new and better is born.

Helsinki’s political decision-makers agree on the need to improve primary health care. However, there is disagreement about the means. For example, many see the use of private services mainly as negative.

However, according to numerous surveys, citizens value the availability of services and not who provides them. The various customer boards or smile face apparatuses at health stations do not provide effective incentives to develop operations, let alone improve the availability of services.

The substantial discrepancy between the name of the “wellness center” and the reality within the walls appears in practice only to those who are not covered by occupational health or do not have private health insurance. Is this the reason why there is no investment in public primary health care services in the capital?

Constitution according to which public authorities must ensure adequate health services for everyone and promote the health of the population. When a citizen does not even get contact with a health center in Helsinki, let alone the reception time (HS 9.6.), it is clear that the fundamental rights of the people of Helsinki are not being fulfilled as required by the Constitution.

Even a recent sote show seems to be financially disciplining for Helsinki in particular. The future of a sick Stadilian looks sick.

Liisa Vuorio


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