Reader ‘s opinion A science-based picture of climate change is not intimidating

Quality life can no longer be based on cross-border consumption on the planet.

World Meteorological Organization Secretary General Petteri Taalas has reiterated in numerous interviews his desire to calm the debate on climate change. Taalas ’accusing finger points to climate activists, who he says incite fear and anxiety in vain.

Unfortunately, HS editorial (17.1.) Repeated this straw of activists inflating the climate crisis. However, HS itself news (13.1.) That “according to experts, the expected environmental catastrophes threaten the life forms of our entire planet, including the human species”.

When a climate activist shares such a message from the scientific world, is he guilty of intimidation? A science-based snapshot is in the interest of us all. Even if it was scary.

The editorial stated that in the climate debate, “air transport is often raised as the biggest evil, even though it accounts for only 2% of total emissions”. It would be interesting to hear who a serious climate activist or climate organization makes air traffic the “biggest evil”.

Although the share of flying in global emissions is small, it is probably appropriate to talk about flying emissions in a situation where Finnish air travel emits the second largest amount of carbon dioxide emissions in the world in relation to the population. Every tonne of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere affects the climate, regardless of the source of the emission.

Taalas is absolutely right that the necessary climate action will not threaten our quality of life. We need such a positive narrative. Quality life only needs to be partially defined as new. It can no longer be based on cross-border consumption on the planet.

Niklas Kaskeala

vice chairman

Protect Our Winters Finland ry

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