Reader ‘s opinion A bandage for menstruation is not just about that

Helsinki City Council On 2 June, there was a lively discussion about menstrual poverty and the distribution of menstrual pads in schools in Helsinki. Recalling the possibility of sewing ties from old clothes, Arja Karhuvaara (Kok) emphasized people’s obligation to do what they own.

Not every home has all the materials needed for bandages. The use of recycled materials is ecological and highly recommended – if you know what works in bandages. Permanent bandages are currently more functional and skin-friendly than disposables, but their manufacture requires expertise, money and tools.

For a permanent bandage to be really durable, someone also has to wash it. Permanent bandages are a good option for those who are motivated to maintain bandages. To make life easier for young people, it is paramount to provide menstrual pads that work in the user’s daily life.

We thank the Helsinki City Council for the great decision to distribute menstrual pads and we offer the city the expertise of the association if schools are excited to sew permanent ties.

Johanna P Attack

Chairman, Home Durations Association

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