Reader opinion This winter has been just as painful for pedestrians

I haven’t seen sand on any of the sidewalks in my home suburb all winter long.

20.2. 15:00

Eero Salmivaara rightly criticizes (HS Opinion 15.2)how the winter care of the sidewalks has been released after the walkways were transferred to the City of Helsinki from the housing companies.

I live in the North of The Hague myself, and this winter has been an equally painful and dangerous time to walk around the corner. Actually, I haven’t seen sand on any of the sidewalks in my home suburb all winter long. I’ve often wondered how much more expensive crash accidents become compared to sanding. The savings have now been made in the wrong place, with the wrong cost moment.

In North Hague, the sidewalks of my home street, Pastor Jussilainen, are one of the worst slides. In recent days, progress has only been made by walking boldly on the highway. And it can already be life threatening.

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I am sure that many other Helsinki suburbs and districts are waiting for a quick solution for the treatment of sidewalks. Just as the coronavirus situation is easing and finally moving, there can be no new struggle for survival due to the poor condition of the sidewalks.

Pertti Kuusisto

Northern Hague, Helsinki

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