Reader opinion The royal road must be preserved

Helsinki Kuninkaantammentie is a unique combination of history, cultural landscape and nature. Along the old road is the King’s Oak, the Niskala Arboretum and also the spring, which has been allowed to expire. The road offers magnificent views over the fields to the shores of Pitkäkoski.

Godparents now belong to this protected area. The City of Helsinki has made a proposal to transform Kuninkaantammentie into a cycling and skiing taxi. It’s a bit like if Senate Square were proposed to be paved.

An information board for a suitable place on the history of the Royal Dams, benches for fans of the landscape and a speed limit for cycling monsters between Pitkäkoski hut and Haltiala’s old hut.

Olli Lehtovuori

Designer of Helsinki’s green areas in the 1980s, Helsinki

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