Ravit Hami’s CEO Sami Kauhanen resigns

Kauhanen will resign as CEO by the end of March.

20.12. 17:48

Finland CEO of Hippos Sami Kauhanen resigns. Hippos told about Kauhanen’s decision on their website on Monday.

Kauhanen will resign as CEO by the end of March. The search for a follower begins immediately.

“We strive to continue on the path indicated by Sam and wish him luck in his new roles,” Hippos, president of the Central Organization of Equestrian Sports and Breeding Kari Eriksson commented on Kauhanen’s departure, praising his contribution.

Kauhanen emphasized the equestrian strategy and responsibility goals, which are being further developed.

“I am confident that the committed players in the field, together with skilled personnel, will take the implementation of the common strategy and responsibility goals forward with determination,” Kauhanen assesses the future prospects.

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