Ratikka For the first time on a ride: The Tampere tram is like the Helsinki tram, but XL-size and fast

Fun little details have been hidden in the design of the Tampere trolley for the passenger to find.

It feels like as if it were in Helsinki or another European tram city.

The Tampere tram is starting to be ready, but the first experience takes the thoughts to other cities.

On Wednesday, the media got to see Tampere’s new tram for the first time at an event where it ran almost its entire route between Pyynikki and Hervanta. So, for the first time, there were other than the people of the tram organization on board.

Ratikka seems to be a shiny and functional entity that is just waiting for its actual traffic starting in August.

When you step in, you can see that it is big in the first place. If you are used to Helsinki’s trams, you can experience their XL version in Tampere. It doesn’t smell like a new car, but like even a new boat or motorhome.

The benches are covered with light wood and red cloth. Inside is spacious. The Tampere tram is longer and wider than the Helsinki trolley.­

The length of the trolley is 37 meters, which is felt even inside.­

The surfaces shine with cleanliness and the interior is able to sense some Scandinavian clarity, functionality and airiness. The red color invigorates and goes well with light wood.

Gradually eye to find small funny details. Underneath the benches, USB chargers glow in blue to charge the mobile phone while traveling, and a small trap and various texts around the window panes can be distinguished from the benches.

Like: The greenery of late summer with its scents had surrounded him as he had deviated from the jogging path aside to the cliffs to look at the landscape. Maybe the trip will come when you pick them up and read them on Monday in November.

Mobile sitting on a tram ride, it is easy to see in the center that it is still gaining a huge amount of attention, even though it is starting to be a familiar sight in Tampere. People stop to look at it and pick up their cell phone camera.

The ride in the center is calm, soft and digestible. Does not vibrate or nyi. The difference in buses is clear in terms of travel comfort, although the traffic jams are still unexperienced.

Then we reach the moment when the differences to the Helsinki trams come to the fore. Drive towards Hervanta, when soon after Kaleva Prisma the first long straight opens.

Traffic controller in the controllers Joona Saukkoriipi more momentum and soon going fast, 70 kilometers per hour. Then it feels like a short fleeting moment as if it were in some Central European city on the way from the airport to the city center, even if you are actually going to Hervanta from Vacker Bridge over 9th Road.

“This is easy and comfortable to drive. I can’t come up with any reprehensible, nice work, ”says Saukkoriipi.

Next less than a hundred test passengers, representing future users, will be able to board the tram during the week. They carry a bicycle, rollator or pram.

“Tests mean that one and the same trolley, seat, ticket reader and information board must fit the needs of different users,” says VR’s Customer Experience Manager Mari Siikonen. VR is responsible for operating the tram.

Different User Groups will be able to test the trick next week.­

He believes the first experience for test passengers is the Wau effect.

“Even now, when someone came in, they said that it’s long to see to the other end,” says Siikonen. The wagon is 37 meters long, which is longer than the Helsinki trams.

By the summer, all 19 wagons ordered are scheduled to be in Tampere. The actual traffic will start on August 9th, but before that in April you can already get on board when the tram is in test traffic.

The rafters meet at Turtola before Hervanta.­


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