Rammstein Allegations | The Helsinki bar commented on Rammstein’s visit

Last week, the Rammstein band enjoyed themselves in a Helsinki restaurant for the wee hours. The owners of the restaurant tell what happened in the bar.

German newspaper Welt Am Sonntag according to them, their reporter had participated in the follow-up party organized at the bar called The Riff after Rammstein’s concerts at the Helsinki Olympic Stadium.

CEO of the rock ‘n’ roll bar The Riff in Helsinki Veikka Moilanen says that the band, or at least some of its members, visited the liquor restaurant on both Thursday and Sunday.

To continue however, he does not invite the evening, because they had not been officially arranged.

“We have had clients, some of whom have been a little more famous. However, I wouldn’t talk about any sequels.”

Moilanen says that Rammstein’s people visited the bar on Thursday and Sunday. He says that the atmosphere was good, but that he is aware of the claims published in the media.

“I haven’t noticed anything here myself. Serious accusations, a nasty thing,” says Moilanen.

He says that the band mostly spent time in the Hate Lounge, which is like a back room with glass doors. Sometimes they want to offer some privacy with the help of curtains, which were also mentioned in the German media.

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Any kind of possible negative feedback regarding the sequels has never reached Moilanen’s hearing ears.

The 69 Eyes – band’s drummer Jussi Vuorione of the owners of The Riff, says that he was present at the so-called follow-up party in question.

Among the general public, the mountain is better known by its name Jussi 69.

“I was at Sunday’s gig and the band members were perfect gentlemen,” he says.

Mountain says that the band gave him a Family & Friends pass.

“I actually spent two hours before the gig Till Lindemann’s (singer of the band) with mother talking about Tilli’s childhood. It was quite a special experience.”

According to Vuori, the band liked The Riff bar so much that they asked if it would be possible to continue there. Of course he agreed to this.

“Some customers may be so famous that you have to put a curtain in front of them so that they are not disturbed all the time. That’s how we acted on Sunday as well,” says Vuori.

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The mountain according to the band arrived relatively late and the evening was nice.

Lindemann had first inquired where all the Friends of the Mountain were and told him to ask them there. During the evening, there were many people in the bar.

“Till heard that there was a German reporter outside. He himself went to get the journalist and invited him to the party to enjoy the evening to show what these sequels are like”, Vuori tells about the course of the evening and mentions that the journalist also enjoyed himself at the party until it ended.

“This was not a group of girls who were recruited there. There were a lot of girls there. Everyone was there voluntarily and everyone thought it was absolutely amazing.”

Mountain says the same as Moilane. He hasn’t seen anything untoward. The evening was made exceptional only by the famous guests.

“The band was very sorry for the accusations against them.”

Vuori emphasizes that the accusations are accusations until they are proven.

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“In no case am I defending anything. Personally, and in my bar, there is zero tolerance for any kind of bullying, bad behavior, even abuse. However, I didn’t see anything like this.”

Vuori commented on the possible use of language directed at the journalist in the lounge by saying that he believes Lindemann was offended by unsubstantiated accusations.

“The matter has swelled so much. Till has joked to the reporter that there are all these poisoned girls here, to make a report on this,” he says.

German between the metal band Rammstein’s soloist Till Lindemann and the publisher Kiepenheuer & Witsch the cooperation was dissolved as a result of recently circulated allegations.

The arguments started Shelby Lynn’s story about her experiences with the band in social media. According to Lynn, he would have been drugged at the after-party of the concert in Vilnius.

The police are investigating the allegations made by Lynn. The band has denied everything.

Till Lindemann’s personal Instagram account also seems to have gone away.

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