Rally | Rovanperä and Lapland go to fight for the victory in the Swedish World Rally Championship – “Now a decent winter rally is in the offing”

The rally in Umeå for the first time promises to be in full swing.


Rally The World Series will continue with the Swedish race this weekend. The only snow rally of the season has moved from its traditional region of Värmland to the coast of the Gulf of Bothnia in Umeå.

Repeated snowfalls forced the organizers of the Swedish rally to look for a new base in the north. Toyota’s new Rally1 hybrid car is competing in Sweden Esapekka Lapland and Kalle Rovanperä welcomed the change.

“Now a decent winter rally is in the offing, because there is a lot of snow. However, the snow came here quickly as well, and the road surface has not been allowed to freeze. Gravel will certainly come out on Friday and Saturday, Lapland sums up.

“I think this is a better place than the previous place in Sweden. If there’s no awful snow, it’s a bit tedious to drive a winter rally. At least the bench is high. However, there is not a lot of snow at the bottom of the road, ”Rovanperä experiences.

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There will be an infinitely fast rally in the offing, but there will also be a few slower and more technical sections of the small road.

“Some of the snippets are a bit simple. Especially on a Sunday, one special exam is completely absurd. The average speed is certainly 150 kilometers per hour. We go there sick, ”Lapland sighs.

Monte Carlon With the good success of the World Rally Championship, Rovanperä will be the first car on the route in Sweden. It probably also means the job of a “plowman.”

“It only helps to hope to be on the side of a situation like this. If it rains and the temperature is close to zero, the road will probably remain soft. But if there is a good frost, then the road can harden, ”Rovanperä apricots.

“If conditions are not on our side on Friday, it will be hard to reach a winning streak. I still try to run a good race and get a decent score. Friday may have to be thought of as a defensive battle for the final race. ”

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Toyota the third car in the factory garage Sebastien Ogierin Lapland, which shares with Rally1, is now competing with Rally1 for the first time. Although there have been four months of driving breaks, the targets are extremely high.

“I would like to be one of the three and I am trying to fight for it. I see no reason why that would not be possible. I don’t think the lack of a routine means that much, ”says Lapland.

“It could be that when you haven’t driven so much at the top level in the last year, you have to get used to the pace a bit. However, everything should be fair after the tests so that we can fight for a decent result. ”

In the WRC2 class, Finns are looking for success Emil Lindholm, Jari Huttunen and Eerik Pietarinen. They compete in the junior class Sami Pajari mixed Lauri Joona.

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