Rally | Kalle Rovanpera is required to have restraint in the Belgian World Rally Championship: “Here he suddenly returns to the ground”

The previous asphalt race in Croatia in April ended in the Rovanperä race after five kilometers.

In July In Estonia, Toyota celebrated the first World Championship victory of its career Kalle Rovanperä will leave for this week’s Belgian World Rally Championship with moderate goals.

The previous asphalt race in Croatia in April ended in the Rovanperä race after five kilometers. The Belgian race, better known as the Ypres Rally, is special in nature. A lot of gravel, hay and even mud gets on the road in bend cuts.

“This is such a special rally that the most important thing is to have a good experience and an intact race. Of course I try to drive as hard as possible. I have a bit of a feel for the new asphalt tire, so it can be difficult to find a grip,” Rovanperä said on the eve of the race.

“It’s kind of easy to go to a race when there’s success below, but here’s sure to suddenly go back to the ground. Once again, you just have to start the race from a clean slate and see how you go. The goals will then be determined during the race.”

With big ones there are many differences that can be made on the small roads in the Flemish fields at risk.

“A lot is cut here in bends and even deep down. They play an important role, but in sheet music it was difficult to decide where to dare to cut and how much. If you go there pushing, then you have to go after,” Rovanperä says.

The Toyota team has a strong leadership position in the Manufacturers ’World Cup. This time, the starting points are optimal for Toyota’s top drivers To Sebastien Ogier and To Elfyn Evans, but the biggest pre – favorites can still be found on the Hyundai team.

“The more cars go, the more stuff gets on the asphalt and it’s slippery. In that sense, our starting points are the best possible. The biggest advantage is still With Thierry [Neuville], because he knows the roads in this area and has driven here many times, ”Toyota’s boss Jari-Matti Latvala forecast.

“” In this race, experience is very important and that advantage is now with Hyundai. However, I think there will be a lot of events in the rally. There is a lot of restraint required.[

WRC2-luokassa suomalaisista ajavat Fordin Teemu Suninen sekä Hyundain Jari Huttunen. Junioreiden MM-sarjassa Belgiassa kurvailevat Sami Pajari ja Lauri Joona.



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