Rail transport French startup describes its planned night train as a “rail hotel”, the network extends to 12 cities

The Midnight Trains night train network is scheduled to be fully operational by 2030.

Train travel has raised its popularity as a greener alternative to flying.

Now a French startup called Midnight Trains has revealed that it is planning a new night train network in Europe, says CNN Travel. Trains would depart from Paris to 12 cities across Europe. According to the plan, the nearest stop in Finland would be in Copenhagen. Other planned destinations include Madrid, Edinburgh, Berlin and Rome.

According to Midnight Trains, the network should provide a more comfortable travel option for traditional night trains. The company describes the network as a “rail hotel”. In addition to the cabins resembling hotel rooms, the train would have a restaurant, a bar and a concierge service via an application.

The company another founder Romain Payetin over the last two decades, both air and rail operators have focused on lowering prices rather than the customer experience and related services. Therefore, he believes there is a demand for new trains.

The first route of the network is scheduled to open in 2024. The goal is for the network to be fully operational by 2030.

Midnight Trains is not the only new train network that can be expected to be completed in the next few years. In December, the state-owned railway companies of Austria, Germany, France and Switzerland announced that they were working together to launch several night train routes over the next four years.



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