“Rai” kidnapped the law of al-Hawl and “Shaheen” at the beginning of Zamul

“Opinion” by Moher Ali Dari Al-Mansouri Namous won the first-half title in the Al-Hol and Zamoul competitions, for the hybrids of tribesmen within the preliminary races in Al-Wathba for the camel season 2020-2021.
Yesterday, the preliminary races for the hybrids of tribesmen continued in Al Wathba Square in the capital Abu Dhabi for the sixteenth week, amid a large participation of the camel members of the tribes in the country, in preparation for the major races expected in the coming period.
Al-Wathba Square saw 16 laps of Al-Hol and Al-Zamoul, a distance of 8 km, yesterday, during which “Rai” succeeded in leading the first half of Al-Hawl with a time of 13.03.01 minutes, while “Mansoura” flew by Ahmed Abdullah Al-Rumaithi in Banous Al Thani at 12.54.00 minutes.
“Shaheen” won Bakhit Mubarak Al-Mansouri the title of the third round of Al-Zamoul Al-Mahalliah, after ending the set in 13.12.01 minutes, while Suhail Moftah Al-Shamsi won the fourth round of Al-Hawl Al-Mahjat, recording a time of 13.23.03 minutes, and the fifth session was from The share of “biased” by Nasser Muslim Al-Khaili, at 13.03.01 minutes.
The sixth game witnessed the victory of “Al Hilaliyah” by Musa Abdel Aziz Al Musa, with a time of 13.02.02 minutes, while “Ramses” for Ahmed Abdullah Dahi took the lead in the seventh game within 13.17.00 minutes. As for the eighth game, it went to “Samid” owned by Ali Juma Al Darmaki at 12.23 02 minutes, and in the ninth game, “Shawq” Khamis Nasser Al-Deri grabbed first place with a time of 13.03.04 minutes.
The participants waited until the 16th and last game to achieve the best timing in the Al-Hol and Zamoul competitions yesterday, which came through Ahmad Khazaa Al-Amiri’s “Al-Anoud” after you covered the half in 12.52.04 minutes.

Source: Al Ittihad – Abu Dhabi


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