Radio evaluation The Boulevard of Memories often takes you in surprising directions on a nostalgic musical journey

Compiling a record concert requires musical education and a dramaturgical ear.

Radio music the charm is based on never knowing what comes next. This is exactly the trick of Yle Radio 1 On the boulevard of memories, put together by a long line of music editors Pasi Hiihtola, Jake Nyman, Tuuli Saksala, Pekka Laine and Kalevi Pollari.

The jazzy dance music of the 1960s is at the heart of the music line, but often a nostalgic musical journey takes you in surprising directions. The hits of the era can also be heard, but the one-hour record concert always includes hand-picked rarities.

The musical civilization and dramaturgical ear of the journalists can only be admired. Boulevard of Memories also deserves honorable mention for its wide range of language songs.

Boulevard of Memories, Radio 1 on weekdays at 9.05 and Yle Areena.



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