Radio evaluation In the Woman’s Mirror documentary, immigrant women are seen, and their stories are powerful

The Osiris Theater documentary project is a positive damage.

Radio documentary Woman’s mirror was born in a way by accident. Originally, the Osiris Theater was to turn immigrant women into an interdisciplinary documentary theater in which, in addition to acting, dance, poetry, music, and even real-time sculpture would have been seen on stage.

But then hit by a corona pandemic and a state of emergency. The interview material made for the presentation became the material for the documentary.

Program consists of three stories. Their goal is to make the invisible seen. The immigrants ’public saga emphasizes men, but now it’s women’s turn to tell about their fates.

They are tough. Film director Anastasia Child tells of his temporary blindness in a Soviet boarding school. Two anonymous women describe being cheated, paperless, and losing two of their own children in a row. Despite the tragedy, hope is present in all three mini-portraits.

Radio work are a documentary filmmaker Katarina Blomqvistin tutored Anna Murtola, Hanna Pihko, Kaisa Siirala and Liisa Isotalo. The first-timer of the authors is positively heard in avoiding many documentary manners, such as painting with archival sounds. The minimalist implementation emphasizes the power of the stories.

More radio documentaries about immigrant women are coming next year. The original performance idea will also come true – although the premiere will not be until a year later. Then some of the interviewees will also be seen on stage.

Woman’s Mirror, Radio 1 at 10.05pm and Arena.

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