Radio evaluation A program that takes you below the surface of the Baltic Sea is like a composition

The skillful program of Eva Tigerstedt and Anders Wiksten includes soundscapes, music and heavy stuff.

First serene sounds, then crackling noise. Little quiet music creeps in …

The sea has always inspired music composers, but also Eva Tigerstedtin and Anders Wikstenin a radio program is like a composition. The material is a soundscape, music and something.

There are many kinds of sounds echoing beneath the surface of the Baltic Sea. Sound travels much faster in water than in air, one and a half kilometers per second. Water is filled with engine rumble, sonar signals, propeller grinding.

Many marine dwellers are very sensitive. Specialist researcher at the Finnish Environment Institute interviewed by Tigerstedt Harri Kankaanpää warns that sound pollution can amplify the effects of other pollutants in the marine ecosystem.

The sound art comfortably softens the weighty thing. Few case programs manage to convey their message in such a neutral way.

Curious sound traveler, Radio 1 at 11:00 and Arena.


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