Raasepor wolf pack | A pack of wolves disappeared without a trace near Helsinki, the local community is amazed: “We don’t know what has happened”

The executive director of the game management association wonders about the allegations of smuggling. There is also no information about the traffic accident that happened to the leader wolf, says the police.

in Raasepori the fate of the lost wolf pack in Western Uusimaa surprises both nature lovers, hunters and the police.

The last sightings of the alpha female leading the pack are from last April. After that, there are no observations of the movements of the wolves that settled in the Snappertuna and Inkoo area.

Executive Director of the Game Management Association of Western Uusimaa Lennart Biström says that the hunters of the Snappertuna and Inkoo areas held a meeting last week and the discussion had also turned to wolves.

“The hunters were surprised that no one had seen the herd and there had been no observations of it,” says Biström.

“We don’t know what has happened to the wolves,” he says.

According to Biström, hunters also wonder about claims about wolves sneaking in.

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“Something like that would not remain a secret in Western Uusimaa. The she-wolf that was part of the pack probably died in a traffic accident in the spring and winter,” says Biström.

Helsingin sanomat newspaper news from the lost wolf pack on Sunday, October 1. Large predator contact person for the area Timo Rossi said that he was afraid that something had happened to the wolves.

“There has now been time to analyze the situation and rule out different options for the disappearance of the wolves. Unfortunately, all signs point to the fact that these wolves are no longer alive,” Rossi said.

A pack of wolves a long-time follower of the Finnish Nature Conservation Association’s large carnivore expert Riku Lumiaro does not believe that the wolves of the pack have been killed.

“There would be traces of something like this, but now there has been nothing like that,” says Lumiaro.

Instead, Lumiaro says that the pregnant female leader of the wolf pack was left under the car. However, according to him, the wolf did not die in the accident. However, he does not reveal where he got this information from.

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There is no official information about a possible traffic accident.

Police Liaison Officer, Senior Constable Tobias Forsstedt The Länsi-Uusimaa police confirms that the puppy that was part of the pack got hit by a car last fall. Since then, no wolf crashes have been reported.

“The police have not received any information that the alpha female was run over by a car in the spring,” says Forsstedt.

The Food Agency in wolf reports too there is no information about other wolves in the pack except for the male cub that died in October 2022.

About wolves should always report to the emergency center, reminds the crime commissioner who investigates hunting crimes Harri-Pekka Pohjolainen from the Eastern Finland Police.

The obligation to report applies to all large carnivores, i.e. wolves, bears, lynxes and wolverines, as well as monster accidents.

The police will send the animal that got under the car to the Food Agency to find out the cause of death. The agency, on the other hand, sends the death certificate to both the police and the Finnish Natural Resources Agency.

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Even if the wolf did not die in the crash, a report should be made if there is reason to assume that the animal was injured in the crash. In this case, the police usually ask for help from the big game rescue or srva operators to kill the injured animal.

According to Pohjolainen, the reporting threshold is high and most wolf accidents are probably reported to the police.

“If the claim is made that a wolf has gotten under the car, the question arises as to why the accident has not been reported,” Pohjolainen thinks.

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