Quintero for Millionaires?: These were the approaches of the ‘ambassadors’


Juan Fernando Quintero

Juan Fernando Quintero celebrates his goal in the final of the Copa Libertadores in Madrid, against Boca.


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Juan Fernando Quintero celebrates his goal in the final of the Copa Libertadores in Madrid, against Boca.

This was decided by Millonarios after conversations with the paisa.

The ambassador team has already announced the addition of Fernando Uribe and Leonardo Castro to its squad for next season. Among these stars, there is talk that even more of the country’s iconic players could wear the blue ballet shirt.

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Among the rumors, Rafael Robayo was mentioned, however, the name that sounds the most and causes the most expectation among the fans is the possible incorporation of player of the Colombian team, who is now a striker at River Plate, Juan Fernando Quintero.

Juan Fernando Quintero (right) celebrates River’s first goal.


Twitter: @RiverPlate

As revealed by the Vbar Caracol journalist, Diego Rueda, the millionaires board had talks to be able to sign ‘Juanfer’ Quintero, adding that, although they were “tough dialogues”, there was no economic agreement.

In the same way, uncertainty remains about the future of Quintero, as media in Argentina speculate that the player would not want to continue in the club, for this reason, different teams have offered him economic proposals to have him in their squad.

How did the talks turn out?

It was not given for the economic part

The journalist assured that Quintero’s value as a player was above the budget of the ambassador team, “The possibility of Juan Fernando Quintero playing in Millonarios for now is not viable, a lot of money,” the journalist assured.

“From what we were here consulting, Millonarios did have tough dialogues to link Juan Fernando Quintero. It didn’t happen because of the economic side,” added the Caracol Radio journalist.

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