Public transport The Laajasalo tramway connected to the crown bridges will be tilted by EUR 59 million

The new council will discuss the price increase in August.

Helsinki The detailed cost calculation of the Laajasalo tramway has been completed.

The Crown Bridges project proposes to phase out the construction of the tramway and related bridges and to increase the maximum cost of the project by EUR 59 million to EUR 326 million.

In practice, phasing means that the track is shortened at both ends so that the terminating stops are made in the first phase as temporary to Hakaniemi and in Laajasalo to Laajasalontie.

The increase in the maximum price will be discussed by the new city council in August.

The council meeting can become fierce as the resigning mayor Jan Vapaavuori (kok) resented in advance cost overruns, and announced that it would carry out a study on the project.

In his own press release, the mayor added up the costs of the tramway, bridge contract, equipment, depot and Hakaniemenranta.

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Yet From the beginning of the year, the Laajasalo tramway was estimated to exceed the project plan estimate by approximately EUR 90 million. During the spring, EUR 31 million has been eliminated from the overrun.

The council also increased the maximum price of the Raide-Joker by EUR 90 million before the start of construction.

Project manager Ville Alajoki recalls that the Laajasalo tramway project plan is even older than Raide-Joker, ie its cost calculation is from 2015.

“The increased costs of Raide-Joker have therefore not been utilized in this project plan. In decision-making, Raide-Jokeri passed this project in time, ”says Alajoki.

Staging on the Laajasalo tramway has now been done in such a way that a section of about a kilometer at both ends of the tramway will be implemented later.

From Hakaniemi There are still many unresolved issues on the section of track extending to the city center, such as Kaisaniemi’s traffic arrangements and the exact location of the terminal. The estimated price for this section of line is approximately EUR 10 million.

In Laajasalo, a connection of about one kilometer from Laajasalontie to the depot adapted for Reposalmentie is also still unplanned. A change to the layout of the depot block has been appealed.

“The temporary terminal stop on Laajasalontie allows us to further specify the planning of the depot connection. There has been some talk that a rail connection to Herttoniemi could be planned from Laajasalontie. Now there is no such plan, ”says the director Artturi Lähdetie From the City of Helsinki Transport Authority (HKL).

Council however, a decision on the depot project will not be made yet in August. HKL’s Board of Directors discusses the depot plans after the summer holidays, and they will first be taken to the Helsinki Region Transport (HSL).

The inconvenience of the depot is that it is designed in the same block as the new homes, which is reflected in the price estimate. When Raide-Joker’s new depot costs just under 70 million euros, the cost estimate for the Laajasalo depot is 96 million euros.

According to sources, a basic depot would cost about 50 million euros. The Raide-Joker depot is more expensive than average because its soil is difficult.

An alliance has been chosen to implement the tramway and the related Merihaa bridge, which in addition to the city includes the construction company YIT and the track builder NRC Finland, as well as three design offices.

Raide-Joker is also currently being built on an alliance model. According to preliminary data, the contract is currently below its target price.

Finland The longest bridge, Kruunuvuorensilta, and the Finkens Bridge, which extends from Kalasatama to Korkeasaari, will be built as a separate bridge contract. A consortium of two construction companies, YIT and Create, won the tender.

The contract price for the construction is EUR 123 million. There will still be design costs on top of that.

“The bridge contract is at the price level of the project plan,” says Alajoki.

If the council has time to decide in August to increase the alliance’s maximum price, the bridge contract will be launched in October.

Free Mountain outrage was also directed at the Hakaniemenranta earthworks contract, where the initial estimate was fivefold from 50 million to 236 million euros.

The financing of these related projects will be decided separately by the city as part of the budget process and will not be included in the cost estimate for the tramway and in the proposed increase in its maximum price.

The tramway was originally planned in Hakaniemenranta for the current street network. Since then, the council has approved a plan change, the implementation of which means the construction of entirely new streets, residential plots and parks in the area.

The project also includes the construction of a new Hakaniemens Bridge to replace the dilapidated bridge

More than 1,200 people are coming to Hakaniemenranta.



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