Public transport | Raide-Joker’s work sites are being vandalized

In the last few weeks, cables have been cut on the parts of Raide-Joker that have already been handed over.

from Itäkeskus Due to vandalism, surfaces on the route of the light rail that runs to Keilaniemi have to be demolished, announced Raide-Jokeri on Monday morning.

It was decided to inform about the topic because there has been a lot of vandalism in recent weeks, says the production manager Tapio Väisänen About the Raide-Joker alliance.

According to Väisänen, it’s a matter of cutting electrical cables in the parking areas that have yet to be finished. According to Väisänen, since these are rather short outages, it is more likely vandalism than, for example, attempted theft.

“Fixing a single cable is not an impossibly big inconvenience, but the timing is extremely bad. The biggest disadvantage is that, at worst, the repair work will delay the commissioning,” says Väisänen.

Raide-Joker’s test drives from the pit to the line are scheduled to start in November.

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Vandalism has been committed in a wider area in Helsinki, for example in Oulunkylä. Väisänen says the police are investigating the matter.

“It’s a fairly big annoyance, because the implementation is approaching,” says Väisänen. Delays significantly increase project costs.

The vandalized areas have already been handed over to the customer. Handing over means that the object has been implemented on behalf of the client and the implementer as agreed and the client begins to be responsible for, among other things, the maintenance of the object.

Raide-Jokeri is responsible for vandalism repairs. The customer, i.e. the city of Helsinki and Kaupunkiliikenne Oy, is responsible for the costs of the repair work.

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