Public transport Local locomotive drivers will be absent from work on Thursday and Friday

According to the train drivers’ associations, VR has breached the contract and changed the working conditions unilaterally.

Railway industry train drivers belonging to the two member organizations of the Union will not come to work on Thursday and Friday, says the Railway Union in a report published on Wednesday in the bulletin. The protest concerns locomotive drivers belonging to the Helsinki Locomotive Drivers ‘Department and the Riihimäki Locomotive Drivers’ Association.

According to a statement from the Union for the Railway Industry, the protest is a protest against VR’s breach of contract and unilateral change in established working conditions.

According to the train drivers, VR submitted a low-priced tender for the tender for traffic in the HSL area, relying on its ability to trample on working conditions.

In the press release, the train drivers also state that they intend to sue VR in various courts.

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