Public transport | “It would feel unbelievable” – The idea of ​​two new metro lines in Espoo arouses emotions in Kauklahti

Two new metro lines are planned for Espoo, one of which would extend to Kauklahti. The locals reacted to the proposal with reservations, but there was also a little enthusiasm in the air.

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Proposal about extending the metro line to Kauklahti arouses suspicion among Kauklahti residents and public transport users, but also a little enthusiasm.

HS told on Thursday that two new metro lines are being planned for Espoo as part of the new master plan draft. The proposed metro lines would run between Matinkylä and the center of Espoo and Kivenlahti and Kauklahti. In practice, both would therefore be extensions of the current western subway.

On Thursday evening in Kauklahti, some wondered if the project would ever come to fruition, while others questioned its possible benefits. Positive aspects were also found: if the project was successful, it could provide better access to services and promote the use of public transport in the area.

Residents commented on the metro idea in a situation where it is not yet known how much additional construction would be needed in the area if the metro line were to materialize.

“About me the western metro is not handy either, so an extension would not make my life easier”, said someone who was waiting for a train at the Kauklahti railway station Max Nybondas.

Nybondas said that he mainly travels from Kirkkonummi Masala to Helsinki.

Using the new subway line would require him to change vehicles, which could slow down the journey considerably. Nybondas does not think that he would use the new subway line at all.

“I try to take the Y train, it has fewer stops,” he stated.

Max Nybondas, who was waiting for the train with his child and dog on Thursday, does not think that the subway extension would be useful for him.

Kauklahti waiting for a ride at the station Liisa Pellonpää-Sola viewed the realization of the project with suspicion.

“It would seem incredible if this were to happen, but when?”, he said with a disbelieving laugh.

Espoo's draft general plan looks at the future until 2060, so the project is unlikely to be realized in the next few years.

“I still think it would be good. You could go shopping in Kivenlahti, Lippulaivaa and Isoo Omena”, he reflected.

Pellonpää-Sola says that she has lived in Kauklahti for over 30 years.

“You can move around in the nearby area by car, and you can easily get to the center by train from here. You rarely have to travel by bus and metro. I believe that more public transport would be used if we got a metro connection.”

Liisa Pellonpää-Sola was waiting for a car ride at the Kauklahti train station. He believes that he would use public transport more if Kauklahti was connected to the metro route.

The station R-kiosk hoped that a possible metro line would bring more people to Kauklahti.

“If it brings more people here and we start building here, then it's good and it's beneficial for the new residents”, thought the R-kiosk shopkeeper Erja Mursunen.

However, Mursunen also has reservations about the idea. As an entrepreneur, he has experience with the effects of public transport changes on business.

“Metro has taken away a lot of customers from me in the past when the transport connections have changed,” he lamented.

Mursunen said that he previously worked as a merchant at R kiosks in Helsinki and Kirkkonummi. The disappearance of the customers left bad memories, but otherwise he is not against subway traffic.

“People would probably use less cars if such projects were implemented well, but if you have to wait an hour for a bus when you get off the subway, it doesn't help terribly. The junctions must be handled well,” he emphasized.

Correction 24.2. 3:50 a.m.: Liisa Pellonpää-Sola's last name was previously misspelled as Pellonpää-Salo.

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