Public transport Final letter on the renovation of Hämeentie: Trams will return to the street in mid-December

Even the mild weather has helped to complete the street work.

Trams will return to Hämeentie in Helsinki, which was under renovation, on December 14 at about 4.30.

The return of the trams was still uncertain in October, but the major renovation of the street has now been finalized. In addition to the tightening, resources have also been increased, and the mild weather has been favorable for the work, HSL’s press release says. The timetables for Hämeentie cross streets and cycle paths are not yet known, and the street as a whole will not be completed until next summer.

HS said in October that resistance to work had appeared.

“When the last excavations started, the resistors we were familiar with were revealed. The pipes are not where they were supposed to be. The rock has to be excavated. The house wires are shaking hands, and they need to be negotiated to be renewed, ”said the Urban Environment Construction Manager. Erkki Nurmi 6.10 of the HS. in a published story.

The Hämeentie contract between Hakaniemi Square and Sörnäinen Kurvi has lasted more than a year and a half. After May Day, tram lines 1 and 8 returned to their own routes after the contract in Kurvi had largely been completed. Lines 6 and 7 will run until mid-December on an exceptional route through Karhupuisto.


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