Public transport Demonstration cancels almost all Thursday and Friday commuter train services – VR: Affects an estimated tens of thousands of passengers

According to VR, the protest will affect up to tens of thousands of passengers. Local train tickets are valid on Thursday and Friday on long-distance trains.

Today The protest of the Railway Union (Rau), which began in May, will cancel almost all commuter trains during Thursday and Friday.

However, G-trains and some M- and Z-trains operate VR bulletin according to normal. In addition, all commuter train tickets are valid on long-distance trains during Thursday and Friday.

Long-distance trains stop in the commuter area in Pasila, Tikkurila, Leppävaara, Karjaa, Riihimäki, Hämeenlinna, Toijala and Lahti. Operating train services are shown by VR website.

Demonstration influenced by VR’s Communications Manager Janna Viisterän according to up to tens of thousands of passengers.

“Normally, before Korona time, the number of passengers per day has been around 200,000, but they have certainly fallen sharply due to the pandemic. It is difficult to estimate exactly how many passengers will be affected by the protest, but I would estimate that we are talking about tens of thousands. ”

According to Viisterä, it is good for passengers to remember current corona instructions on trains. These include masking and safety intervals. The aim is to guarantee passengers safety distances on long-distance trains as well.

“Our staff will help passengers find a more relaxed place in this situation, if necessary. However, I would advise passengers to avoid traveling during peak hours and to prefer other means of transport, ”Viisterä says.

Raun The protest concerns locomotive drivers belonging to the Helsinki Locomotive Drivers ‘Department and the Riihimäki Locomotive Drivers’ Association. According to Rau’s press release, the protest is a protest against VR’s breach of contract and unilateral change of established working conditions. According to the Union, changes in working conditions are detrimental.

According to VR, all changes to be made are in accordance with the collective agreement, no one will be laid off and no one’s level of earnings will decrease.

According to VR, the protest has no effect on long-distance trains or VR’s freight traffic.

Helsinki regional transport (HSL) said on Wednesday that there will be no replacement flights to other means of transport on Thursday and Friday.

According to HSL, it is expected that the buses on the Ring Road and main line arms will be filled the most. Thus, at least some of the buses running on Hämeenlinnanväylä, Tuusulanväylä and Lahdenväylä are expected to be congested.

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