Public transport | Consequence of HSL’s price increases: Ticket sales collapsed

The consequences of HSL’s price increase became visible: half a million single tickets remained unsold in the AB zone.

Helsinki regional transport (HSL) ticket sales are concentrated in its core area, i.e. in the AB zone.

A recent comparison shows that the sale of single tickets in the AB zone, which stretches from Helsinki in the east to Espoo and Vantaa in the south, has fallen by 450,000 between September of last year and April of this year.

The change cannot be explained by anything other than the price increase that took effect at the turn of the year, which raised the price of a single ticket from 2.80 euros to 3.10 euros.

The same 11 percent price increase also came into force in the BC zone, where the sale of single tickets in April has fallen by almost 70,000 compared to September last year.

April’s numbers are somewhat lowered by the fact that Easter fell in early April this year.

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The number of passengers in HSL’s area has not yet reached the figures before the corona season. Based on the latest forecast, there would be 12 percent fewer passengers than in 2019.

Development is worrying because the majority of ticket sales take place in the two innermost zones of the area. AB sold 3.4 million single tickets last September, but now 2.9 million in April.

In BC, the change has dropped from 671,012 to 601,319.

Drop can also be seen in box office receipts, although the price increase has brought more revenue per trip.

The sale of single tickets in the AB zone generated 9.6 million euros last September, but just under 9.3 million euros in April.

April’s single ticket sales have not had time to be affected by the new series ticket that HSL introduced to the market in May. One trip with a series ticket is cheaper than with single tickets.

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The eight percent price increase in season tickets has not caused such a big change in ticket sales. At the end of last year, many took out a continuous season ticket order, in which case the price will remain unchanged until December of this year.

However, for example, in the BC region, where prices increased, fewer tickets were sold.

HSL predicts in May that box office revenues will fall to 369.4 million euros. It is 12 million euros, or three percent less than the budget’s 381 million euros. 3.6 percent of the 2019 box office is behind.

HSL considerably reduced the prices of ABCD tickets for the four zones at the turn of the year. The price reduction can be seen as an increase in sales in single and season tickets when comparing last year’s September to this year’s April.

However, tickets for the four zones are sold quite a bit compared to the HSL core area. Last September, 156,310 one-time tickets for the ABCD area were sold, and last April 171,989. The corresponding figures for season tickets are 4,401 and 5,681.

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The reduction of the one-time ticket for four zones from 5.70 to 4.50 euros has reduced ticket sales from 890,000 euros to 774,000 euros.

The price reduction of the monthly ticket from EUR 142.70 to EUR 109.70 has reduced sales revenue from EUR 628,000 to EUR 623,000.

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