Promotions Former head of national defense courses satisfied with Finland’s crisis resilience – Long Line General is one of the promotions of the flag day, which can be found in HS’s search engine

The annual Defense Forces flag day promotions will be announced today, June 4th. See all promotions on HS’s search engine.

Defense Forces flag day is celebrated today, June 4, largely virtually, as the traditional parade has been canceled as last year.

According to the Finnish Defense Forces, the events of the holiday will be seen both on television on YLE channels and on social media.

Instead, the promotions of the defense administration and reservists included in the day will be published in the normal way. Promotions can be viewed on the search engine compiled by Helsingin Sanomat.

One the person responsible for planning the flag day can also be found in the list of promoted people. Working as Chief of Staff of the General Staff Kim Mattsson Promotes from Brigadier General to Major General.

Mattson, who will take up the post of Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces in August, welcomes the promotion but emphasizes that he is not solely responsible for his achievement.

“I see more of this as a show of respect and gratitude to the crowd I have worked with and served the homeland.”

The President of the then Republic, among others, has been remembered for about 40 years of military career Tarja Halonen acting as an adjutant and duties related to overall security as a leader of national defense courses.

In these positions, Mattsson was able to work closely with Finnish decision-makers. The work still tastes good in the most mundane HR positions.

“The locker room spirit in the work community is the most important thing. When it is achieved, everything goes after that. ”

At least Mattsson does not admit personal, clear career goals out loud. The main thing is to get to work with people.

Overall security The expert’s view of the survival of the Finnish Korona period is very positive. According to Mattsson, the disciplined nature of the people and the humble attitude of the Finns have also contributed to good performance in relation to the corona epidemic.

Mattsson praises the Finnish system, in which, according to his observations, different branches of government, organizations, the media and business life blow one coal.

The Defense Forces regularly organize nationwide national defense courses to which social activists and those in power are invited. Mattson was the director of national defense courses from 2011 to 2013.

“This is a unique system that we once created in Finland and can be found in a few countries,” says Mattsson.

Although the long-term career dreams are not yet known, Mattsson also welcomes the new position as Chief of Staff of the Army due to the change of position.

“After a long focus on the Helsinki metropolitan area, it’s nice to go to Mikkeli.”

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