Procurement Yle’s MOT: Hus manager intervened in what he considered to be illegal procurement – removed from office and salary reduced

Helsinki and the manager who worked in the Uusimaa Hospital District (Hus) was removed from his post after paying attention to unclear purchases, says Yle’s MOT delivery.

According to Yle, the manager considered the information system purchases made without a tender to be illegal. When the manager raised the issue, he ran into trouble at work.

The manager was reduced to a designer and his monthly salary was cut by almost 900 euros, Yle says. Eventually, the chief resigned from Hus in February 2019.

According to Yle, the prosecutor demanded a conviction from the chief’s supervisor for an occupational safety offense. According to Yle, the activity described as workplace harassment was directed at a manager who acted under the supervision of a supervisor.

The matter was scheduled to be heard in the district court in June, but the parties reached an agreement on the matter shortly before going to the district courts, Yle says.

Yle’s article is based on the police pre-trial report. The parties did not comment on the case to Yle.

STT said in Junethat the police have launched a preliminary investigation into Hus’s years-long acquisition mess. Police have investigated the matter as a suspected breach of duty. Helsinki Police Criminal Commissioner Lauri Huittinen told STT in June that no individual was yet in doubt at this stage.

According to Yle, the broader procurement investigation originated from an investigation into workplace bullying, which Yle reported today.

Hus has still not got rid of its illegal purchases, STT said in June. According to a recent report, a total of about 300 illegal acquisitions have been identified in Hus in 2019–2021. The most recent non-contractual or non-competitive purchases have been found this year, and not all have yet been identified, according to the report.

Internal according to a report completed at the end of may, due to the incompleteness of the investigation, it is challenging to accurately assess when irregular procurement will be eliminated. According to Hus, the non-compliance includes a violation of both the Procurement Act and Hus’s own guidelines. The Procurement Act requires that purchases of a certain value be put out to tender.

In response to the situation, Hus has established a temporary management position to direct and oversee its procurement. Hus ’board decided to establish a one-and-a-half-year post at its meeting in early May. The term of office of the new director will continue until the end of 2022.

Deficiencies related to Hus’ procurement became public in the summer of 2019, when STT reported suspicions related to the matter.



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