Proceedings Prosecution of Tytti Yli-Viikari, former CEO of VTV, and use of flight points will be investigated in court – Live broadcast from 8.30 am

Yli-Viikari and another accused have denied having committed any crimes.

Litigation Former Director General of the National Audit Office (VTV) Tytti Yli-Viikaria and the leader About Mikko Koira will start on Wednesday morning in the Helsinki District Court. They have denied having committed crimes.

HS will be broadcasting a live broadcast of ISTV from the District Court from 8.30am. The sitting is scheduled to begin at 9 am

The trial concerns two different criminal cases. Three part-sessions have been set aside for their consideration.

On the first two days of the session, ie Wednesday and Monday next week, the termination of the employment contract concluded with a VTV official in May 2016 is to be discussed.

To VTV’s chief inspector had been paid free of charge under the termination contract for two years before retiring. The Chief Inspector had no obligation to work at that time.

In December 2020, the Parliamentary Ombudsman ruled that the agreement was illegal.

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The prosecutor is demanding penalties from Yli-Viikari and Koiranen for gross misconduct or, in the alternative, breach of duty.

They are scheduled to be heard in the courtroom on Wednesday afternoon.

Another The charges in the criminal case concern the use of Finnair Plus award points accrued from Yli-Viikari’s missions in 2016–2020 to pay private expenses in 2018–2020.

In this regard, the prosecutor demands that Yli-Viikari be punished for violating his official duties and for fraudulent means of payment. Mikko Koiranen is not charged in the flight point case.

According to the preliminary plan, the flight point case is scheduled to be heard in the courtroom on the last day of the session next Wednesday.

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