Power relations The loss suffered by the owls was highlighted at Putin’s press conference – the video shows how Putin reacted

The journalist equated the competition between national football teams and Vladimir Putin’s negotiations with Joe Biden in the United States.

16.6. 22:17

Russian presidential Vladimir Putin a press conference in Geneva, Switzerland, took a surprising turn when he was also asked about the events of the European Football Championship.

A Russian journalist asked Putin if he knew that the Russian national football team defeated Finland’s Owls on Wednesday. Putin smiled and wished the team good luck.

Supplier referred the matter immediately to negotiations with the President of the United States Joe Biden with. Who was the winner of the Geneva talks?

Putin responded to the question by emphasizing that the negotiations went on purpose and were not aimed at finding a “winner”.

The exchange can be viewed in the video associated with this article.

The Finnish Owls lost to the Russian team in a match in St. Petersburg on Wednesday, reading 1–0.



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